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Apr 10
  • Reno: Wearing heels just means
  • Reno: I'll have one more weapon
  • Reno: When I come to kill you in your sleep.
  • Jared: Yeah yeah. Whatever Rena.
  • Reno: Fuck you. It's Renée, asshole.
Mar 30

>> condoms

  • Reno: So what DO you do if you need a condom for your face?
  • Puppy: ... Use a ski-mask? D:
Cheer up, emo Turk. D:

Cheer up, emo Turk. D:

Mar 29

It’s a small crime, and I’ve got no excuse. Is that alright? You. Give my gun away when it’s loaded.

…So, what, you wanna find out if I’m as sexy brushing my teeth as I am making coffee?
Jackie (Reno) —> Apparently, he is.
Peaceful Chaos (Reeve)

>> boxers

  • Reno: Reno's excited because it means being able to comandeer those cactuar boxers. <3
  • Tseng: XDDD
  • Reno: DUDE.
  • Reno: THEY ARE SEXY.
  • Reno: You don't even know.
Mar 28

You were a song in my head, the warmth of the sheets in my bed.

Mar 27

>> grammar

  • Puppy: P.S. You know what's cute? Reno comandeer's his boxers and wears them around when he's off duty. xD
  • Puppy: comandeers*
  • Reeve: ::DIES::
  • Puppy: :/ That apostrophe snuck up on me.
  • Reeve: That IS adorable.
  • Reeve: Apostraphe's are like kunoichi.
  • Reeve: Skinny bitches.
  • Reeve: ... THERE THEY GO AGAIN.
  • Reeve: OH IRONY.

>> melons

  • COLBERT: If honeydew is ripe, I think it's the king of melons.
  • STEWART: Nah, I think given the choice of melons...
  • COLBERT: You'd go cantaloupe.
  • STEWART: Oh, I don't think there's any question. The cantaloupe is far superior to the honeydew.
  • COLBERT: No, every night I hunt for the honeydew.
  • STEWART: The honeydew is almost a coconut; it's barely even a melon. I think you're making a huge mistake.